The following answers and questions may vary in the participating countries.

In which period can BonusPoints be earned in Engage & Grow?
The E&G Program in HPE Q4 runs from 1 August 2017 to 31 October 2017.

Who can take part in the Engage & Grow program?
The HPE Engage & Grow Program is designed for HPE Silver, Business and Proximity Partners as well as authorized distributors in selected countries. Partners who have received an invitation can take part in the E&G program. 

How does the Engage & Grow program work?
An authorized manager of the company registers the company and decides whether the company will use a single prepaid credit card for the whole company or every member of the sales team will receive their own prepaid credit card. The manager then defines a program administrator who invites the members of the sales teams to the Engage & Grow portal. Each member of the sales team will receive a personal login for the Engage & Grow website.

What exactly are BonusPoints?
The company sales team can collect BonusPoints through the purchase of predefined HPE products at authorized HPE Distributors. Company related sales targets for turnovers of certain product categories can be determined by HPE. Each team member can access the Engage & Grow portal and see the team's performance.

At the end of the incentive period, the administrator distributes the BonusPoints (in accordance with the number of points achieved in the team) to the company’s card or the cards of the members of the sales team. The BonusPoints will then be converted to a monetary value onto the prepaid credit card.

What is the value of a BonusPoint?
The value of a BonusPoint is 1€.

Is there a maximum limit of BonusPoints which one may collect?
Naturally there is only a limited number of BonusPoints (budget) for each Engage & Grow Incentive. However, the teams can compete with one another and collect BonusPoints until the general maximum limit for one Incentive has been reached. That means until the available budget has been exhausted.

How can I redeem the BonusPoints and obtain cash on my credit card?
Unless you are an Engage & Grow program administrator, you cannot redeem your BonusPoints yourself. Instead, your administrator credits a certain cash amount to the prepaid credit card at the end of the Incentive period. When all sales results have been updated and BonusPoints are available, the admin gets a call for distribution of BonusPoints to the card(s). The distribution must be made within 4 weeks, otherwise it expires. 

Where can I use my credit card?
In 210 countries at 36 million points of acceptance, including online. In fact, you can use it wherever MasterCard credit cards are accepted.

Can I exceed the purchase price beyond the current card balance?
Since your Engage & Grow credit card is a prepaid credit card, only the actual amount on the card will be available for shopping activities. To go beyond this amount is impossible. Purchases exceeding the amount available will be automatically rejected. The balance of the credit card can be viewed on the E&G Portal. 

Can I withdraw cash from my credit card?
No, the prepaid credit card is blocked for cash withdraws.

May I credit funds onto the Engage & Grow credit card by myself?
The credit card is related to the BonusPoint Program of Engage & Grow. Only BonusPoint related funds can be credited and the implementation can only be executed by Aximpro GmbH.

How long does it take until I receive my credit card?
Usually the prepaid credit card should arrive within three weeks after the creation of your account. You must then activate it on the Engage & Grow platform.

When will the BonusPoints be available on my card?
After the distribution of the BonusPoints through the company’s designated administrator for Engage & Grow. This process typically takes two to three weeks.

Do I have to pay income tax on the value of my credit card?
Depending on the specific statutory provisions of the country concerned and the value of the BonusPoints collected, it can occur that income tax has to be paid on the individual profits of the Engage & Grow program. It is the responsibility of each participant to verify this and if required, to pay the income tax. Please check T&Cs for your country for details.

When do my BonusPoints expire?
The BonusPoints in the form of a balance on the prepaid credit card do not expire. The credit card can be used as long as stated on the valid-to date and will be used for future Engage & Grow program periods.

How often is the database for BonusPoint accounts updated?
The BonusPoint accounts on the Engage & Grow platform are updated weekly.

What do I do in case I lose the Engage and Grow credit card?
If your credit card is lost, please immediately call +44 844 7744 740 to block the card or send an e-mail to support@engageandgrow.eu. We will block the lost card and arrange a replacement. The balance remaining on your lost card will be transferred to your new credit card. The costs for the replacement will be deducted from the balance of your account.  

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